It has been approximately 8 years since I exited the automotive industry and being that I am a firm believer in karma, it appears that the universe came around full circle for me to re-enter this industry but in a much different manner. Earlier this year, an old friend and colleague had reached out to me about maintaining their current eCommerce website – I can’t even begin to express how excited I was to be working in an industry that I absolutely love with old colleagues again and to apply all that I have learned over the past 8 years to a business model that I helped create over a decade ago.

After evaluating their website, I knew that we had an edge to push the boundaries for My due diligence ultimately led me to see that the competitors in their space, which I am quite familiar with, were running on the same platforms and UX/UI as when I was still in the industry. Very rigid and what feels like a very old user interface that had a huge lack in enhanced user experience for an eCommerce platform. This rule also applied to before we ended up pitching a complete overhaul and rebuild. Being that I saw much success when I was working for Nissan previously, my old colleagues had a lot of faith and trust in my vision for their new platform and they pulled the trigger and SGS was commissioned to rebuild the site. With a completely overhauled UX/UI Design on both desktop and mobile with tons of new features to enhance the overall shopping experience, I am proud to say that this new website raises the bar and sets a new standard in eCommerce within this industry.

From our experience in Web Development, eCommerce Solutions, Branding and Content Creation; it came as a strong recommendation for NRS to re-design their logo so that it feels cohesive with the new site we were building for them. I had also explained the importance of content and it’s quality and how it will effect the new site which manifested a first round photoshoot for launch content.

The development of the new site was in collaboration with our brother agency Red Kind Media, as their expertise with WordPress and WooCommerce was the perfect alignment for this project. The old site was already built on WordPress utilizing WooCommerce so we were already ahead of the game. RKM really did a phenomenal job in the execution of the development of the site, making this entire project organic in nature from start to finish. As with any project,  there were some speed bumps along the way but being that we are creative problem solvers and with our experience with the platform, we were able to breakthrough the speed bumps and the overall project was smooth sailing.

Client:, Owned & Operated by Fontana Nissan
Partner: Red Kind Media
Services Rendered: Web Development, eCommerce Solutions, Consulting
Executive Producer: AK
Developer: Marcel Severino (RKM)
Lead Developer: Ephraim Cruz (RKM)
Creative Director: AK

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