Purple/Younity/Gilf/Lady Pink & More @ Causey Contemporary Gallery

Williamsburg, BK—the Causey Contemporary on Purple’s opening night was one of zoetic propulsion. From the Dj spun urban tinged tunes, the clinking of beer glasses, zealous conversations to the hushed mhhms and oohs of observers it was the sound of success for the curators, artists, and many other contributors who helped to shape this event which has been a goal almost 2 years in the making.

Exploring Purple as a color, word, and psychological context, the eleven female contemporary/street artists interpreted and discovered ‘purple’ in more than many of its hues, intonations, connotations, and manifestations. Bolstering the message of empowerment through the arts and women- in what seemed to be the ‘boy’s game’ of street art-is that Purple is produced by YOUNITY. YOUNITY, founded in New York City 2007, is an international collective of urban female visual artists, designers, and craftswomen; as well as a non-for profit which mentors youth, promotes community strengthening, and the overall promotion of women in the arts.

The event was more than a success, in terms of number and enthusiasm: it was an experience. Talking to one of the Curators Diana McClure she couldn’t stop smiling as she explained the free-flowing, yet dedicated work that went into opening and representing the artists as well as raising awareness for YOUNITY and women in the arts. There was an undoubtable sense of pride in every participant of Purple. Diana co-curated this with YOUNITY cofounder, Alice Mizrachi. The international group of exceptional artists included: Alice Mizrachi, Diana McClure, Gilf!, Lady Pink, Lichiban, Miss Van, Olek, Priscila De Carvalho, Queen Andrea, Ritzy Periwinkle, and Sofia Maldonado.

The event lacked all airs of pretense that comes coupled with the idea of art gallery/opening night. Rather the artists’ families came out to support from grandmothers to little nieces. Posing and conversations took place in front of the variety of pieces; in front of one piece I got to speak a little to Gilf! an amazing street artist, & woman who I am glad to know personally from working with SGS. She displayed one large and powerful graphic piece entitled “Gaslit Hypnosis,” made with spraypaint, markers, and black dibond. Looking at it there is a definite sense of hypnosis; while first absorbing immediately the prefix (or slang word) “DIS” you get sucked into the piece and notice imbedded in ‘DIS’ are the words, “trust the king.” That’s right, distrust the king. Her ‘artist statement,’ or as I like to call it—kick ass message includes historical references and peppered with a philosophical questioning of trust and of course society. She explains that “in the visual context, “gaslit hypnotists,” displays a dizzying command in parallel with the hand selected messages that corporations use to penetrate the viewer’s psyche. within the background of the piece, behind the noise, behind the subliminal; is a demand to look beyond the forceful constructs and move towards personal independence from the habitual confines of modern day culture. without this abrupt change, society will continue blissfully down the path of complacency while shedding all ability to maintain even a semblance of control.”

There was a lot to capture that night, leaving me and my friends with a sense empowering inspiration, that lead to an even more empowered appetite. Dinner and reflection never was more satisfying.

Photography by Massiel G.
Posted by @MalayaVS