Rashaad Newsome/W Magazine/Venus X/A$VP MOB/Marlborough Chelsea @ Grey Area in SoHo

The trillest, & realist SoHo’s been since tourist season.

It’s hot, humid and the last thing you need sometimes on those particularly muggy days are a street full of lost souls clutching American Eagle, and Abercrombie bags oblivious to all normal street etiquette let along the existence of personal space. While the major retailers off Broadway and Laffayette may disagree this turn from a land of Artists lofts and seedy kidnappings of six year olds (Etan Patz anyone?) to a commercial, persona pushing, pseudo artistic Disney Land is unfortunate.

Okay, so I’m a little harsh, and yes it isn’t Times Square (yet) but there is silver lining in this label adorned cloud.

A flight up and a narrow doorway from Broadways bustling mass lies Grey Area a space still kept sacred for the purpose of Art, Design, Music and those other things that SoHo used to be the first to create and curate.

May 29th a few Tuesdays ago was the celebration of acclaimed artist Rashaad Newsome whose amazing and discussion worthy (I think term paper worthy) collages and mixed media were recently shown in the W Magazine. Together W and Marlborough Chelsea curated an event that so relevant that the guest list looked like the ghosts of New York Times style and art indexes of past, present, and future.

A few of those with notable notoriety: Rashaad Newsome, Mos Def, Venus X, A$VP Nast A$VP Ferg, A$VP Josh, A$VP Ty Beats, A$VP Relli,, Pierre Levai,  Pascal Spengemann, Manish Vora, Kyle DeWoody, Rafael de Cardenas,  Max Snow and Vanessa Traina, Coco & Breezy, Anthony Haden-Guest, Alex Mustonen, Karen Wong, Shelter Serra, Eve Therond, Bethanie Brady, Lady Liliana Cavendish, , Elana Rosenblatt, Sebastian Black, Pietro Quaglia, Genevieve Jones, Michael Phelan, Peter Knell, Tracey Ryans, Kalika Farmer, Tim Goosens and more.

Besides names, which should always just be an aside at a real event the music and art successfully was the main event. DJ Venus X held it kept it so live (saying vibes alive is corny right?) that I didn’t see a soul who didn’t at least try dancing once. Yes, despite the Amory show worthy art, sparkling water and wine there was not an ounce of stuffiness in Grey Area that night. A$VP Nast & A$VP Ferg literally floored the crowed and more than one art dealer probably dropped it low that night. Thanks to A$VP Josh and the A$VP Mob for a relevant Tuesday night.

Other than a great show out, moving art pieces, an amazing space, music mixes that brought crowds to another dimension and raps that brought unbelievers to their knees: it gives me a little hope in the SoHo above ground level with roots in the underground.


Posted by @MalayaVS