SXSW 2011

I can’t lie, I had my doubts about Texas. My assumptions were to expect the worst case scenario possible but I was reluctant to be absorbed by all the down-to-earth people that I encountered. There really is something about Texas and the hospitality that Texans naturally seem to have – which is something that is unexpected after living in New York City for almost 2 years. My trip down to Austin was in purpose for a program that I developed for my client, Frank’s Chop Shop. The program entailed an experiential component with a partnership with AXE Hair which resulted beautifully. With the program, I was also able to secure a sponsorship for my client for the newly added component of SXSW – Style X. Being that this was my first time at SXSW, let alone the Lone Star state, I didn’t really quite know what to expect. It amazed me just how many people are so passionate about music and their relentless pursuit to achieve their ambitions. Meeting such driven people and being surrounded by positive energy only motivated me in the goals I have set out for myself and to be quite frank, it was a breath of fresh air to interact with such cool people and not have to worry about them having a personal agenda. Real people that are genuine seems to be hard to come by but not in Texas. My only two regrets are that I didn’t get to check out a single show due to being preoccupied with work and not taking enough photos but it was definitely a great experience and I learned a lot from this trip. I just hope one day, I can actually go to SXSW and take advantage of all they have to offer including their film and interactive components. Definitely have to make a special shout to some very cool people that I met and worked with on this program: Matt @ GMR Marketing, Erica @ AXE Hair, Dan and Carlee @ Edelman Public Relations, and Brad @ Evolve Concepts.

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