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To the loyal audience of the Stink Grenade, first and foremost, I must say thanks. We know that you have plenty of other options out there to check out cool content so we must give thanks for the blessings of our readers. With 2011 coming to an end (finally), we wanted to finish off strong and go out with a bang so I thought I’d share some exciting news that we are all stoked about.

You’ve all heard me talk about Stink Grenade Studios for the past few months and I am sure at least a few of you may be curious. SGS is the counterpart to the Stink Grenade, a separate entity operating as a hybrid organization between ad agency and production company. It’s only been 8 short months that we have started shop and we have been very occupied with client projects and what not but we have finally gotten around to finishing our site. The main direction I wanted this site to be is simple, clean and visual – I think we achieved what we were looking for. The stream of images that you see on the site were all taken by Joe Cavallini or myself. To utilize the latest technology, our Director of Technology, David Morales, programmed the site in HTML5 for functional viewing purposes on Apple devices. If any of you have the time to check it out, everyone on the squad will definitely appreciate it – www.stinkgrenadestudios.com.

Doran has been a superstar with the SG/SGS fam and after a year in the making, we have finally finished his site!  Again, with the concept with Doran’s site, we wanted to keep things as simple as possible but add a bit of creative flair to it. Everything you see on the background image are actual destinations that Doran has visited and snowboarded at. Most people that go to the site will probably have no idea what it really symbolizes but all of our readers will know. As anything affiliated to SGS, you can expect to see great and original content on Doran’s site and learn more about this shredding snowboarder and all the things that he is involved in. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed – www.doranlaybourn.com.

If you’ve checked out our segment on “The Young Professional” yesterday, you would have seen a full article on our latest subject matter, Eli Reed. For those of you that don’t know much about the skateboarding world, Eli is a prominent professional skateboarder from Boston but now resides in New York City. He has definitely come to be a New York staple and anyone who is anyone in NYC either knows of him, or knows him personally. Be sure to check out the full story.

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