Agenda Show NYC

This was the first time I attended the Agenda Show and it wasn’t quite what I expected. The venue itself was very nice but I didn’t think it made the most sense for a trade show. I was able to walk the entire show within a manner of 15 minutes. It was kind of hard to really check out all the new upcoming releases as I was there as a guest and not as a buyer. Most reps at the booths make use of their time by meeting with buyers from different boutiques so it was difficult to get good flicks of upcoming pieces. One thing that I was excited to see at the show was all the footwear. It seems like a lot of brands that have been successful are starting to reach the heights of the footwear world. Diamond Supply Co. definitely had some fresh sneakers that should give major footwear brands a run for their money. Their eloquent display cases with skate hardware and their new sneakers flowed so organically to the overall image and feel of the brand – kudos! It looked like Grenade was bringing some new heat with footwear as well as I was feeling some of their new boots. I also had to meet up with the boys of Rogue Status and they had some artillery with fresh new designed tee’s and fitted caps. I’m am pretty excited to see all the new footwear I saw to be released as first-hand use of the product will give me much more of a better evaluation of the product and it’s overall quality – stay tuned!

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