Cookies & (Skim) Milk – Recap

Last night was something you would see out of “How To Make It In America”. It was the first time we participated in a NYC event and it was amazing. I’m sure for most of the people that were there, these types of events are a dime-a-dozen but for someone like me that is from Cali, it was definitely an experience. Lots of Hipsters came through and it added so much personality to the event. Everyone was friendly and fun and once the alcohol started flowing, the party really got going. We were serving Milktini’s to go with the event theme as well as wine. Everyone was very fashionable and trendy to their own style, we had lots of different people with different backgrounds that attended – designers, photographers, stylists, etc. It’s amazing who you can meet at these types of events. I ended up meeting Ease from Mishka and Tommy from Alife which was dope. We were just rapping out about Streetwear and Tommy was schooling me on NYC Streetwear culture. Real cool guys and definitely connecting with them again. The party lasted longer than we anticipated but it was all good, the event itself was a HUGE success. Big thanks to Billy Sunday from Heaven Studio Gallery for providing the space, Misha from CCNYC Inc for the art work and all the vendors as they were the pivoting point for the entire shindig – Sunina, Irma’s Closet and Coco and Breezy.

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