Flashing Lights

Saturday night was Manuel de la Cruz’s Fall/Winter 2010 fashion show. This was my first fashion show in NYC and to my amazement, it only lasted about 15 minutes. I was amazed at how much effort and time is invested into these fashion shows yet they only go for 15-20 minutes. Sponsoring the event was Fiji Water and they had some promo girls with pretty cool Fiji Water carriers with bottles of Fiji Water in it being passed around. Great product placement and signage for Fiji Water at the event. I wasn’t able to get a Press Pass but I found my way into the Press section and it was then I realized that I really need to upgrade to a real, full-bodied SLR. I didn’t really have time to pay attention to the models and the actual collection as it was frantic and I was too busy trying to get some good shots. I think I took over 200 photos and these are the only ones that came out decent. While I was trying to shoot the runway with my dinky little G10, I realized that I wasn’t zooming in at all, which is the reason why most of the photos didn’t come out too well. We were invited backstage after the show and had a chance to meet Manuel, definitely a really easy going guy. He has a long history for designing for some major fashion brands and what better time than a recession to launch your own line? When we got to the after-party, I realized that there were only guys there and the only girls that were there were the ones I went with, ehhhhhhhhhh………luckily it got more diversified later into the night!

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