Incase Korea

Doesn’t matter where I am, my eyes are always peeled to new business opportunities. That’s how I ended up at the office of Pr1zm – the official distributor for Incase Korea. I had the pleasure of talking shop with Brand Strategist, Rich Lim and and Director of Incase Korea, Joon Yang. Rich showed me some samples that won’t be coming out until the next season and I didn’t realize that Incase made more than just cases for iPhone’s and iPad’s. Not only having Incase under their belt, Prizm also distributes for brands such as Circa, Alphanumeric, Ashbury and so on. Its always great to find chemistry between like-minded people. After much talk and showing each other materials over an 11-inch Mac Book Air, the synergy between the 3 of us was very apparent. If anyone from the Incase corporate offices is reading this, Pr1zm is out there killing it for you guys!


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