Inside Out

All the content you usually see post-show of any fashion tradeshow is usually about the brands that are showcasing, their upcoming line, etc, etc, etc. We wanted to do something a bit more creative than that so we recently collaborated with Agenda during their show in NYC to put together this documentary short. Aaron Levant, President of the Agenda Show, helped connect us to the brands we wanted to interview and the idea was to get perspectives from a big brand, a young brand, as well as a buyer; about the tradeshow life and their experience in working with Agenda. I hope you all enjoy the video!

A special thanks to Keith Hufnagel of HUF, Jamie Cormack of Herschel Supply Co. and Casey Westfall of Shelmar Inc. I know how busy days like these can be so we appreciate your time!

Music Credits: “In & Out” by Plastic Kid, “Noodles” by MYK, “Not Romantic” by Plastic Kid
Camera Operator B: Justin West
Cinematographer & Editor: Joe Cavallini
Producer & Director: AK

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