Project Blitz v2.0

It’s been a long time coming but we finally came around and completed the second version of  Project Blitz. After 2 years since it’s original launch, the Magento based eCommerce website has clocked in a 7-figure+ revenue stream with the website ranking climbing progressively higher in comparison to the competitors in the same space. On the Branding and Social Media side, things have also been drastically increasing with the amount of followers and the fluid consistency of the quality of content that we have been producing and publishing. All of this has grown the site organically in a tremendous way and we could not be anymore proud of the success of this website.

Towards the end of 2014, we noticed that the first version of Project Blitz started to deteriorate, not because the build of the  website was compromised but because Magento had released a major platform update at that time which was causing components of our custom build to break. Mind you, Project Blitz was not built on Magento Enterprise, a paid license in which Magento would offer full technical support, but on Magento Community which is completely free but has the downside of zero support from the platform’s creators. After our due diligence, we realized the new platform update had tons of new out-of-the-box features that just did not coincide with all the customized work we did which led to elements of the site to call out for things that did not exist which in turn, starting breaking the site.

Immediately we knew that we could not just keep trying to patch up holes on a slowly sinking ship and was going to be counter-productive and inefficient to the reality, we needed a complete rebuild. This reality pushed us to start a completely new build on the latest Magento CE The rebuild was highly challenging due to the fact that we weren’t technically starting from scratch, we had to evaluate what standard features would cancel out the custom work we had did on the previous site and make sure that these new features would function inherently with key features of the entire site being responsive in nature along with a completely overhauled and enhanced mobile UX/UI. Needless to say, there we’re many speed bumps along the way, some more serious than others but it took a little over 6 months with only a 2-man team to completely overhaul and revamp the new Project Blitz and in the end, hard work paid off.

The server setup and configuration alone was another challenge. With our partnership with Rackspace, they we’re able to assist on reoccurring server issues we had during development while taking advantage of their reduced rates on cloud hosting. Our server setup turned out to be a very complex configuration in order to accommodate the amount of data flowing through the site while accounting for web traffic and performance. Ultimately, we kept the same hybrid server setup but brought it up-to-date to today’s standards.

Last month, we beta launched Project Blitz v2.0 and today, I am very pleased to say that the site is officially out of beta and operating as business as usual!

Client: Project Blitz
Services Rendered: Web Development, eCommerce Solutions, Creative Direction
Executive Producer: AK
Lead Developer: David Morales
UX/UI Designers: David Morales & AK
Creative Director: AK

Posted by @jeegunkim