The pursuit of perfection has no time limit and perfection can only really be perceived by the eye’s beholder. Since July of 2012, we have been working side-by-side with the sneaker God CroatianStyle, better known as Dre for the ones on a first name basis. Slated as Complex Mag’s #7 man under ” The 30 Most Influential Niketalk Members of All Time,” Dre has been quietly curating and stockpiling precious inventory over the past 10+ years for the long awaited site, Project Blitz. While still operating over eBay as a top reseller, SGS and Dre have been working overtime in order to get a proper launch over the past 7 months and it is finally here. We want to make one thing clear: THIS IS NOT A CONSIGNMENT SHOP! Dre has been carefully collecting goods that make all the Hypebeasts water at the mouth for over a decade and has hand-picked what he wants to be sold through Project Blitz. Keep in mind that if you are too old and too busy to be waking up at the crack of dawn to wait in line that wraps around a block in the blistering cold with a bunch of kids, than this is the online destination you want to go to.

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It is always easy to work with clients that have a vision to their projects and the members of SGS working on this project did a phenomenal job on bringing Dre’s vision to life. Approaching the design with clean but dark aesthetics, Dre’s vision encompassed influence from transportation design to different lighting methods which ultimately led to us incorporating glow effects in smaller details of the site. Being that this was a full eCommerce website, we collectively decided to utilize Magento as the platform and needless to say, there was tons of customizations and modifications that were performed to meet Dre’s needs. Along with Magento, SGS developed a custom inventory control system that met the needs of Dre’s sporadic business operation and we will continue to develop this technology to further fine-tune all the details that are needed. To say that this site was a challenge is an understatement, members of our team temporary relocated to Los Angeles where the client is located in order to increase the work efficiency and results of this project. One of the most challenging parts of the site was the product shots. Being that the whole theme and aesthetic of the site is dark, we opted to shoot all the products on a black background which anyone in the eCommerce business knows, is a nightmare. Luckily, our formula is being solidified and product shots are coming out better and better. It will take a bit of time to really perfect the craft of producing amazing product shots from a black background but we are getting closer everyday.





When it came to creating the branding of Project Blitz, we wanted to come out of the gates with something strong and that stayed consistent with the aesthetics of the site. We developed a complete branding package to build a strong brand identity as we go into 2013. As the site and brand progresses, we plan on utilizing all the branding that we created as well as developing more branding and graphics as we progress.


Moving forward, SGS will be producing all the content for Project Blitz as well as managing all the brand’s digital initiatives and social presence. We have already spent a good amount of time capturing still images of all the amazing products that Dre has been saving for this project and we plan to launch the Project Blitz blog very soon to showcase all the great content we will be producing as well as showing a clear line of sight as to what the brand’s direction will be. Be sure to keep checking back for more mouth-watering goodies and eye candy content on the site!

Client: Project Blitz (CroatianStyle)
Services Rendered: Web Development, eCommerce Solutions, Design, Branding, Content Creation, Photography, Copy Writing, Public Relations, Consulting
Project Manager: AK
Lead Developer: David Morales
Art Director: Victor Roman
Creative Director: AK

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