Seoul Power

Not since circa 96′ have I been back to the motherland and I must say that this was such an eye-opening trip. I gained a wealth of knowledge from my grandparents, things that you can only learn with age – the importance of life, your priorities, and most importantly, family. In Seoul, everywhere I looked, I saw opportunity. The trend seems to be at least 2 years behind on everything and being that Seoul is a plethora of commerce, the market out there just seems to be hungry for something new. I was shocked at the amount of foreigners I saw out there, Seoul seems to be a landing hub for people traveling across the pacific rim. I might be biased but Korean food is definitely my favorite and the food out in Korea is retarded cheap – you can have a hearty and healthy meal under $10 bucks! All-in-all, it was an amazing trip. It’s always great to reconnect with family, it reminds you how blessed and loved you are and finding inspirations from another part of the world is something you can’t out a price tag on. I’ll be back!

Being a huge sneakerhead, I couldn’t help but to look at the kind of shoes that everyone wears and I must say that the sneaker culture in Seoul is far bigger than anywhere else I’ve seen. It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a girl, young or old, everyone wears sneakers. The girls wear sneakers just as much as the guys do, I’ve even seen couples walking down the street wearing matching sneakers. That should go enough to tell you how big sneakers are. Converse, New Balance, and Adidas are all killing it in the market of Seoul. Nike will be strong anywhere you go and it seems like Vans is just beginning to break into this market.


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