SGS x Dub FX x Convoy Unltd

It’s with great pleasure and months of hard work to put out this amazing project in collaboration with a performing artist that I am truly a fan of, Dub FX and Cade Anderson of Convoy Unltd. This collaboration was purely a passion driven project based on the strength of hard work and relationships that was completely organic. SGS has always been about positive movements and the striking energy from Dub’s music is simply unparalleled. From an artist who truly believes that his work and message was intended for the streets, Dub FX is a globe-trotting performing artist that randomly landed in NYC during the Winter of 2012 and from previously working together from a client-driven project, we linked up and I was able to show Dub the greatness of New York City and the complexities of achieving success in your efforts in a city where trends live and die on a daily basis – Dub had a much better understanding and insights to how I wanted to maneuver what was to come of our collaboration.

With months of planning, team effort and hard work, we were able to open up the velvet rope for Dub’s first time ever shows in New York City. As our client partnership with Yotel has been such a success, they extended an invitation for Dub to have his stay at their hotel in Times Square. Having worked with Staple Design on a previous project, Staple co-signed and blessed our project and flowed plenty of Staple goods to Dub and Cade. We chose to reach out to Staple due to them purely being a NYC “Staple” brand that has been killing it for years and is a brand we really look up to – to have their blessings was an amazing thing. Moving more strategically, we decided to avoid the typical and obvious locations where the foot traffic is mostly from tourists – we wanted REAL New Yorkers to see the show. Ultimately having strong roots in the NYC skate community, we naturally gravitated towards Tompkins Square Park. We wanted this location to be of something that is common knowledge to someone that actually lived in New York City. After acquiring the required park permits to do a live show, SGS handled all the logistics and production for Dub’s show at Tompkins as well as setting the stage to properly document and film the performance. Then came the inevitable but necessary night show. Choosing the right venue was an important process for this project as we needed a place that was intimate yet familiar, so that Dub can really connect with his NYC-based fans for his first ever show. At the time, I had been hearing about The Westway and it seemed to be a trending venue. Their interior decor and design was phenomenal and felt right with the aesthetics of what I was feeling. We reached out, established a relationship and executed the night show at The Westway. As an opening act to the night show, the whole team kept telling me about this kid Perrion and as I trust my team as they’re the eyes and ears to the streets for SGS, I checked out Perri and had to admit he was nice with it. Through our connections, we spoke to Perri and his management team and we couldn’t have been any happier to have Perri open up for Dub. With combined forces and the strong following of Dub FX, we had a sold out show at The Westway as well as bringing Tompkins to life with Dub’s energy.


As to anything we do, we always capture moments and create stories to our projects. Follow Dub’s narration through our process and his personal experience through this collab!

Collaboration: Dub FX & Convoy Unltd
Promotions Consultant: Brandon Robinson
Art Director: Victor Roman
Project Manager & Creative Director: AK
Producers: David Rojas & Joe Cavallini
Executive Producers: Cade Anderson & AK
Editor: Joe Cavallini
Cinematographers: Karl Pierre, Wilfredo Suarez, Joe Cavallini
Director: Joe Cavallini

Posted by @jeegunkim