Supreme X Nike SB 94

Yes, another sneaker post. I like to consider myself a simple person but it’s hard not to be materialistic when products like this are created. Supreme is obviously no stranger around the skate industry and have collaborated with Nike SB on several different projects in the past and they have teamed up once again to introduce a new model – the 94. I love it when two brands can organically come together to produce something amazing. I’m working on 9 different collaboration projects myself and it isn’t as easy as most people think. What I’ve learned is that it has to be natural and there has to be reciprocation on efforts from both brands to make it successful. I have seen some really bad collaboration pieces and sometimes I can’t understand why they would even release such unnatural products that everyone knows looks like garbage. Consumers are far more intelligent now then they were just 5 years ago and you just can’t fool them like you used to. But getting back on track with these hotties, familiar silhouettes of the Foamposites can be found on these sneakers and is offered in 4 different colors. I was partial to the maroon myself but I knew I had a lack in navy colors in my collection so I opted for these. If the maroons aren’t sold out, I’m definitely going back and copping them. I hate to say it but we all know it; Supreme is probably one of the few brands that gets dick ridden by just about everyone. The NYC store was packed on a early Friday afternoon when I got these and as much as I love Supreme products, I just hate shopping in their retail location as everyone that works there carries themselves with some sort of pretentious self-entitlement. I understand that the brand and it’s products will always sell well but in this day in age, your average consumer expects greater demand for accountability and service with a smile goes a long ways. It wouldn’t hurt to try and establish an actual connection with your audience that is genuine and real. I’m the last person that needs to be told that Supreme will always produce ill products at a quality that is superior than most brands but if you invest just a small effort into making your customers feel happy about their purchase, there isn’t a doubt that they will be highly more inclined to purchase more. I had this same exact discussion with someone that I just met that works at Nike Sportswear along with my colleague and we all know that Supreme can probably sell out a pile of dog shit with the right packaging and branding. I just believe that it is important to understand and have a genuine connection with your audience for any brand. It’s not like Supreme products are cheap, their price tag tends to be higher than most street/skate brands and I can almost guarantee that their revenue would probably increase more efficiently and rapidly if majority of their audience didn’t think that the people behind the brand were dicks. Either way, they are doing something right and when they continue to put out products like this, the demand will always be there but if they want their merchandise to sell out quicker than what they expect, all they need to do is put on a smile. I guess the lack of kindness in service of the brand is compensated by the integrity of their products – which I’m sure is the way they justify it internally. I for one would definitely be a lot more inclined to purchase more of their products if I didn’t feel like I was being treated so rudely, which is the reason why I only get what I really, REALLY want from them. It’s hard to believe that every single person that works at Supreme is an asshole – I’m sure other people that know them personally will have good things to say but that judgment is hard to make on my part. Either way, these kicks are fire. Go out and cop them while you still can.

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