The Team

2013 marks the second year that SGS has been operating and I felt it was appropriate to introduce to the world the members behind SGS. Every member plays an integral role in who we are and the work that we create. No one’s opinion matters more than the other, we work as a unit and I can’t express how lucky I am to have a team like this behind me. It really is a blessing to find such young, talented and hungry creatives that strive everyday to be at their best. Over the past couple years I have seen these young men evolve their crafts and grow as individuals and I couldn’t be any more proud of each and every person in this post. We can only keep looking up from here. Continue reading through the story to learn more about these extraordinary young men.


David Morales | Director of Technology | @wmsk8161 | Stink Grenade Studios

At only 23 years old, David is probably one of the most intelligent guys I have ever met. There are times where I will walk over to David’s desk and glance at his screen only to see that he is watching a video that’s a lecture from MIT. Forever young at heart, David’s passion is skateboarding. When he’s not coding away at the studio, he’s probably running around somewhere in the streets of Manhattan skating everything and anything he can on. Though his maturity level is probably that of a 16-year-old but when it comes to work, he puts his game face and goes the distance to make sure our projects are seen through the end.


Joseph Cavallini | Director of Digital Film | @joecavallini |

When I first met Joe, he had nothing but a Canon 7D in his hand, ambition in his eyes and passion in his heart. Following in the footsteps of his father; Joe started editing films since he was 16. Under the guidance of his filmmaking father, we eventually crossed paths and I could see that Joe had an amazing eye with a massive amount of potential. When it came to editing, Joe was already ahead of the curve after the priceless experience he learned from his dad. Now, Joe has grown into a beast in the art of editing and shooting film. Moving forward, you will start to see more of Joe’s name as the “Director” starting with the recent release of our collab with Dub FX.


VickiPages | Art Director | @vickipages |

Born on the 4th of July. Artist. Illustrator. Designer. Camouflage connoisseur. I got put onto VP by the Co-Founder of Strada Customs, Cory Ng. He spoke highly of him and told me I should flow projects to him. After working together on the Strada site, we naturally bonded and forged a relationship that I find rare to come by nowadays. Vicki runs an on-going art initiative  called “The Camo Project.” This was really the catalyst that opened my eyes to the talent that this young man has. In the last year I have been working with him, VP has grown rapidly in all the realms he has his hands in and plays a vital role with fellow SGS team member Wilfredo in Mosaic New York.


Wilfredo Suarez | Multimedia Supervisor | @mosaicnewyork |

When Wilfredo started coming around I learned that he was also an up-and-coming filmmaker. Having close bonds with VP, I got introduced to Wilfredo and he caught my attention with his DP work for Redman’s music video,On My Grind.”  Since then, I brought on Wilfredo on a freelance basis for an internal corporate video project for Reebok Classics. After the client being happy with the work that we did, Joe and I were right in the middle of another editing project for a Haitian insurance company for broadcasting on TV in Haiti. Joe had to suddenly leave on travel for another project and that is when Wilfredo came through in the clutch. He stayed into the late hours of the night working with the Director to finish the final cut. It was then that I saw the level of work ethic and professionalism in Wilfredo. After that, I felt Wilfredo had earned his spot on the team and sat down with him to talk about officially being a member. Being an all around visual person, Wilfredo works with Joe on our Digital Film and Content Creation projects while also doing Photography work for SGS. Hailing from the Bronx, Wilfredo also conceptualized and executed a street fashion brand called Mosaic New York and it has definitely picked up some momentum this year. Be sure to follow his brand as well as the work he will be producing with SGS!


David Rojas | Director of Music & Audio | @thelavenderroom1 |

If it wasn’t for Reebok I probably would’ve never met Rojas. During the Winter of 2011, Reebok had acquired an event space in the Lower East Side that was geared towards art and music. David was the Audio Engineer for the space and we had worked on a project together for our mutual client. Soon after we had formed a friendship and learned that we knew a lot of the same people from back home in California. David has been in the music industry longer than I have been in any industry, he is one of those people that knows what he is talking about when it comes to his craft. After securing the leading role of our music initiatives, we also worked together as David produced and scored more of our recent videos as well as licensing out music for our client-driven projects. If you’re watching one of our more recent videos, you are more than likely listening to music he created. Due to unforeseen circumstances, David had to temporarily relocate back to California a couple months ago but that hasn’t stopped us from continuing on and working on projects together. Make sure you visit his SoundCloud account and listen to his work.


Photography by @jnsq_pierre
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