Unlabel: Selling You Without Selling Out by Marc Eckō

When I first arrived to New York City on June 19th, 2009; I never could have imagined that I would take what I’m doing as far as I have let alone work with the likes of someone like Marc Eckō. We started 2013 working on a project with Marc that will remain undercover. This particular project was something that the whole team, including myself, was super amped about. We were on the road to making a significant change in our culture and marketplace but that project ended up being put on hold as there were a lot of things that suddenly came up that needed immediate attention. Case in point, Marc’s book that released this month called “Unlabel: Selling You Without Selling Out.” Marc called upon us to build a temporary splash page for the book which we were able to knock out in about a month’s time. The idea was simple and visual and required a bit of Visual Effects to achieve the aesthetic we were going for.

It probably wasn’t even a few weeks later after the site went live that Marc wanted a v2.0 of the site – we we’re up for the challenge. Marc had sent over a promotional trailer video for the book and I was blown away. Marc’s manifestation of what this book represents was expressed so well through this video. We knew that the first version of the site was definitely not up to par with how the promo trailer delivered the kind of emotional impact that we felt and that was how v2.0 of Unlabel.me was born. Roughly, it took us about another month to get v2.0 up and live and within that 1 month time period, we probably had very little to no sleep to get the site built in time for the deadline. There was a lot of structuring and organizing that had to be done to activate a promo campaign through the site. We worked with Marc’s publicist team to develop the promo packages, once finalized we designed them as bundles for the new site.


After the launch of v2.0, it was time to start developing promotional campaigns with online platforms to promote the book as much as possible. We were in conversations with numerous platforms building structured campaigns to promote the book through the collective platforms – Skillshare, Swaag.it, Enstitute; just to name a few. It was really amazing to see these platforms developed under the common interest we all had and was a priceless experience for us.

You can’t expect the founder of Complex Magazine to not leverage his unfair advantage. This spawned us to go on a design rampage on designing print and digital ads for the book. I remember the first round of designs we sent to Marc, I could tell he definitely wasn’t completely happy with it. That’s the thing about Marc, his honesty is always expressed in a meaningful way. He doesn’t just tell you that he doesn’t like it, he’ll tell you exactly why he doesn’t like it and how it could be better. As soon as I got the e-mail with him saying “O.D. on the ads”, that’s when we really went in and designed ads on every piece of real estate we saw on Complex.com. He also looped us into the conversation for the process of the media buying at Complex and from there, we had taken over Complex.com for 13 days to promote the book.

On the following Monday, I remember receiving an e-mail from Katie, Marc’s assistant, asking us if we can design a full bleed color ad for Inc. Magazine. The only problem was, it was due the next day for publishing in the October issue. F*ck! We did everything we could in learning all the specs for Inc. Magazine, opened up Illustrator and started to go HAM on the ad. After a few rounds of revisions, we finally nailed it and submitted the ad design to Inc. Magazine and BARELY made the deadline.

Soon after the book release, the Marc Eckō Cut & Sew team reached out to the good folks at Reed Space and decided to properly celebrate the release of the book at their boutique in the Lower East Side. Being that JeffStaple and Marc were friends, it only seemed right. It was so amazing to see so many people come out to the event and to not only show support, but to meet the man himself. I personally feel as though the event was a huge success and it really made me feel proud to see everyone on my team at the event with open ears, hearts and minds to what Marc had to say. Another highlight to the event was being able to see Marc’s paintings first hand. I was blessed enough to have been able to read the book before it was officially released and didn’t have a clue that Marc painted. When I saw some of the images of Marc’s paintings, I was especially excited to see them with my own eyes. I couldn’t believe the amount of people that had no idea how dope Marc is when it comes to painting. People were constantly coming up to me and asking, “Yo, did Marc paint these?!” – all I could do is nod in approval. A big thanks to the Cut & Sew team on putting a dope event together!

In the end, this was a priceless experience that just can’t be quantified into dollars. It’s a blessing to be in the presence of Marc already, to be able to work so closely with him has truly been an unforgettable experience. Not to mention this was our first time getting insight into the world of book publishing and I definitely learned a lot from it. Never have I seen someone conduct business so eloquently with such finesse. The whole team, including myself, still have much to learn from the Jedi Master. Can’t wait to see what’s in store next!

Client: Marc Eckō for Unlabel
Partner: Red Kind Media
Services Rendered: Web Development, Digital Film, Visual Effects, Content Creation, Design
Project Manager: AK
Developer: Marcel Severino (RKM)
Lead Developer: Ephraim Cruz (RKM)
Content Creators: Joe Cavallini & AK
Visual Effects Supervisor: Ashley Fontones
Designer: David Morales
Creative Director: AK

Photography by AK
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