AXE Hair 101 Series

During the last quarter of 2011, our friend Dan who works at Edelman Digital reached out to me about producing a video series for his client, AXE. Dan plays a vital role with the digital brand presence for AXE as he is one of the voices for the brand via AXE’s social networks. Approaching 3.5 million fans on their Facebook Fan Page, the concept was to create content around AXE’s styling hair products with the elements of stylists giving tutorials on how to use them properly. Taking this concept to the next level, Edelman developed a tab on the Facebook page where all the videos would live along with a 360-degree rotation of each product so that their audience can see the final results. Edelman and AXE gave us complete creative control for this campaign as they were very trusting of our vision and having experienced our work with another previous activation we did for them at SXSW in 2010. SGS curated a group of stylists within our network that emulated a different aesthetic and feel from what you would traditionally see from the brand. Edeleman did a phenomenal job of creating the tab and having it visually and aesthetically match our vision with the materials we provided.

Each stylist brought their own uniqueness to each product and their respective locations delivered an authentic connection to the brand and it’s audience. Producing the entire series in New York City, the backdrop of the city really gave each video a lot of texture and life to go beyond just a tutorial video. To add the element of story-telling into the series, each stylist was interviewed to tell their story of how they got into the art of barbering and styling to keep the audience interested and to maintain the attention of the audience. Every aspect of the campaign was about creating something authentic yet still being able to deliver the tutorial of each product while still being able to tell a story. This campaign required a full production staff from SGS as well as creative direction on the entire program. I can’t express how much of a pleasure it was working in tandem with the good people at Edelman Digital, it’s always easier when the client understands the challenge of bridging the gap between two worlds and the importance of keeping everything genuinely authentic without any gimmicks.

Client: Edelman Digital for AXE (Unilever)
Services Rendered: Digital Film, Content Creation, Music Licensing
Project Manager & Creative Director: AK
Music Composer: David Rojas
Visual Effects: Jessica Chin
Sound Man: Adrian Martinez
Camera Operator “B”: Justin West
Executive Producer: AK
Producer: Joe Cavallini
Cinematographer & Editor: Joe Cavallini
Director: AK

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