Gilf! for Surplus Candy

As of late, New York City has been seeing a lot gentrification where silent big money is pushing out New York natives that have been living in the city for as long as they can remember. The past few months have put a spotlight on New York City homes to force out tenants under low-income housing or rent-stabilized apartments to build luxury buildings for obvious reasons. The pinnacle of all the gentrification that has been going on is probably what happened to 5Pointz in Queens, New York. A mecca for graffiti and street art history in New York has officially been scheduled for demolition to put up new luxury condo’s for the wealthy.

In the midst of this, SGS artist gilf! has taken matters into her own hands by creating an artistic expression about gentrification. Last month, street artist Hanksy curated and hosted an interactive art initiative called “Surplus Candy.” Artists that were selected were given rooms of a dilapidated apartment building in Alphabet City of Manhattan to create meaningful art and murals throughout the building. gilf! chose the kitchen for her installation because of what a kitchen represents in a home – a room where families gather to nourish their bodies and souls. Symbolizing “progress” through a tool of a sledgehammer, gilf! releases her frustrations around the subject of gentrification and what the pure act of destruction through gentrification means and how it effects everyday people.

Artist: gilf!
Music Credit: “Hate or Glory” by Gesaffelstein
Directors: Joe Cavallini & AK

Posted by @jeegunkim