TIXE by Gilf! + BAMN

In this generation of hyper-consumerism, wastefulness is becoming more and more apparent and this single idea was the high concept to this impeccably well-thoughtout art installation. When Gilf! first approached me with this idea it was pretty much a no-brainer. I personally am an advocate of healthy and sustainable living and feel as though it is a necessary enlightenment to those that want to make a world a better place for the generations that are behind us. The idea of creating something from nothing with the spirit of only using materials found in our environment was a challenge that we were more than willing to take on.


Gilf! and collaborating artist BAMN had stumbled upon this abandoned hotel in New Jersey. The perfect venue to visually tell the story of the concept and an abundance of inspiration and plenty of materials that were salvageable to create a piece of artwork. After scouting the location and brainstorming ideas, Gilf! started to scavenge the dark and grim hotel by ripping off the unsanitary toilet seats of every room. She had found a section of the hotel with an indoor pool that turned into a cesspool of waste, the perfect location to install this concept. The conditions of our location was more than technically challenging. No power meant difficulty in visibility, just about anything we touched and or came in contact with was filthy all while working in the brutal summer heat where temperatures seem to rise with every effort we made. Sometimes you have to get dirty to win and in the end, Gilf! had proven that something sustainably beautiful can still be created in a dark and self-destructive environment.

Make sure to catch Gilf!’s upcoming solo show dubbed “SHATTERING” at Joseph Gross Gallery on May 7th.






Artists: Gilf! & BAMN
Directors: Joe Cavallini & AK

Photography by A.K.+
Posted by @jeegunkim