ViK for Paper Box

It was a blissfully hot October weekend in Brooklyn, New York when ViK came out and dropped her latest piece. An up-and-coming event space in Bushwick reached out to ViK on bringing their front gate to life. The Paper Box is located in Bushwick, Brooklyn and it seemed like they are still renovating when we came out to shoot. From everything that I saw, the space looked quite promising. With art, music, and events in mind, the Paper Box will probably be housing some of the coolest upcoming parties and events in Brooklyn. ViK was able to bless the Paper Box’s dull gate using bright, yet subtle colors that are easy on the eyes. Joe Cav killed it again as the cinematographer and editor on this video that we just wrapped up so be sure to check it out!

Cinematography & Photography by @Cavnyc

Posted by @jeegunkim

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