Wild Style The Movie

Life can be really funny sometimes and you just don’t know or can even conceive how things will play out but when it happens organically it can be pretty amazing. Our good friend and legendary New York City based artist Carlos Mare introduced me to documentary filmmaker, Charlie Ahearn. Charlie is the brainchild of one of the first hip-hop motion pictures to ever hit theaters, Wild Style The Movie. There hasn’t been a person that I have met that lives and breathes the culture like we do that doesn’t know who Charlie Ahearn is and it really was a privilege to have worked with him on this project to bring Wild Style The Movie into the generation of NOW.

When I sat down with Charlie and Mare, we had discussed the current status of Wild Style’s website and where Charlie had envisioned to take it. After a couple meetings and evaluating the needs of Charlie and considering the impact that Wild Style The Movie has made to our culture, I knew we needed to come up with the most simplest of solutions to bring Wild Style up to speed. I explained to Charlie what his best options would be in terms of platforms and we collectively made a decision and moved forward.

Timing of this project couldn’t have come at a worst time, it dropped into our laps when we were already overloaded with web projects and as I really wanted to keep this project under our belts, I reached out to our homies at Red Kind Media to partner up with us to see this project through and the development of this website could not have been possible without them. With our forces united, we collaborated with Red Kind on this and it has been a great experience to have been able to work with other like-minded groups who are inspired and have co-existing aspirations. Because of Red Kind, WildStyleTheMovie.com has now been completed successfully and we couldn’t be any more proud of what we have created!

Client: Wild Style The Movie / Pow Wow Productions
Partner: Red Kind Media
Services Rendered: Web Development, eCommerce Solutions
Project Manager: AK
Developer: Marcel Severino (RKM)
Lead Developer: Ephraim Cruz (RKM)
Creative Director: AK

Posted by @jeegunkim