Action Bronson x Party Supplies: Blue Chips @ #weRnyc

We had the pleasure of shooting this little video for Reebok Classics with 2 of my favorite current artists – Action Bronson and Party Supplies. Reebok recently opened up a dope space in the Lower East Side of Manhattan where music and art collide into one world. The “Blue Chips” project between Action and PS is something so natural and creative and watching these 2 do it up live was like watching magic happen. Check out the excerpt off Reebok’s YouTube channel about “Blue Chips”:

“Blue Chips is an off the cuff, spontaneous project that started as a vibe session one winter afternoon and spiraled into a 17 song dusted journey through the warped comedic minds of Action Bronson and the prodigy producer/artist known simply as Party Supplies.

This journey includes appearances by Roc Marci, Meyhem Lauren and Das Racist and was recorded in the confines of Party Supplies Williamsburg chalet. It’s a project as opposed to a mixtape or an album and sits in a nether world somewhere between the two.

Most of all it’s a moment in time made in a 3 week period of hanging out at Party Supplies house. In between cheese plates, snaps and spliffs the 2 artists came up with this testament of creativity and spontaneity.”

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