SGS + Frisbie NYC Presents: Fun Machine

We first discovered the wonderful world of Frisbie through our Director of Music & Audio, David Rojas. With an amazing space and dope location, Frisbie is so much more than just a recording studio with catalog’s of great original music. They also have an amazing retail space that we really wanted to utilize and seeing that art and music go seamlessly hand-in-hand, it felt natural for SGS to collaborate with Frisbie to create Fun Machine. The concept behind Fun Machine was very simple, to marry a musician and artist to create a singular feel visually and sonically through the space of Frisbie. Having a passion for art, visuals and aesthetics, SGS curated the art aspect of Fun Machine which included selecting the artist as well as curating the retail space to aesthetically appeal with the whole idea of Fun Machine. We selected our very own graffiti artist ViK and her piece for this project was very different and unique from all of her previous pieces – she definitely killed it.

Frisbie did a phenomenal job on curating the music aspect of the project by selecting Phony Ppl as the band. Their easy-going and fluid sounds paired perfectly with the visuals and graff piece. Once they started performing, they brought the crowd to life and the energy in the venue was turned up. Finding such young talent like these guys really shows Frisbie’s dedication to keeping their ears to the ground for great talent.

The creative direction of the branding was done by us and leading the art direction was our very own Victor Roman and as usual, he killed it by designing an amazing logo for Fun Machine. The direction of the flyer was based on emulating elements of music yet keeping it simple and clean. Our concept resulted beautifully by using the aesthetics of an old vinyl record with branding and the event info. Both Frisbie and us also wanted to produce something tangible that spectators could walk away with at the end of the night and with the popularity of stickers, Victor designed one utilizing artwork from ViK further enhancing the value of Fun Machine.

We had the unfortunate misfortune of running into a night of horrible weather during the summer in New York City but even with the rain, a lot of people showed up to the event to catch Phony Ppl and check out ViK’s new piece. We are definitely very lucky to have had the crowd we did and Fun Machine would not have been what it was if it wasn’t for them.


Collaborator: Frisbie NYC
Services Utilized: Experiential Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design, Branding, Content Creation, Visual Effects
Visual Effects: Jessica Chin
Content Producer: Joe Cavallini
Art Director: Victor Roman
Creative Director: AK

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