SongBooth Mobile App by Lowekey Media

New York is filled with ambitiously talented people pursuing their dream to be discovered by the world through their craft. But the competition is thick and saturated and these days, it takes a lot more than just having a unique talent. I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve met aspiring artists, models, actors, musicians, etc in this city but what always resonates with me is not the talent, but the hunger and ambitious energy that these individuals project. Our latest client Lowekey Media has developed a tool that makes aspiring singers and artists to compete on a level playing field and a platform where chances of being discovered seems to be a much more reachable reality – all on an iPhone.

Specializing in mobile app development, Lowekey Media was brought onto us by our Director of Music & Audio, David Rojas. Lowekey founder Greg Lowe and their team had taken an initial meeting with us at our space and after about an hour of chopping it up, we had made the project official. The initial concept behind the animation video was conceived by the Lowekey team which was a very simple idea in art direction of stick figures. It was a concept that I felt as though would work great for what we were producing but after the first complete cut with the final voiceover, it just didn’t feel right. Collectively we all felt that the video needed much more life, this is where Rojas was called upon to not just execute the voiceover with mixing and mastering, but to marry one of his original tracks to the video. As we continued to dig deeper, the original script written by Lowekey just felt forced. Greg and his team had reached out to me about possibly re-writing the script where it was then brought to my attention that our vocalist Rich Trapp was also a writer and who would be better to write the script then the vocalist who had been doing the actual voiceover sessions? Sure enough, Rich had given a treatment to the original script to have it feel organic with the visuals. The original idea of the stick figure concept just wasn’t working at this point. And though I really dislike to do complete revisions with a whole new concept, we just could no longer force the original art direction with what we were trying to achieve – back to the drawing board.

From my learning experiences with working with Marc Eckō, I knew that this was going to be a somewhat sensitive situation. My Art Director and Visual Effects Supervisor on this project and I had started brainstorming on a new concept, something that visually felt right with the sonic elements of the video and what went from a simple black and white stick figure concept to fully animated characters with eye-pleasing color palettes, we had hit a home run with the client with very minor revisions. Greg had approved the final revision and it was ready for the world to see.

During the midst of the project, Lowekey Media had just moved into a really dope office space just 2 blocks away from our studios. Greg had reached out to me about giving him some recommendations on artists that can paint a mural in their new space. Of course, the priority list on any type of request like this would be artists from our roster at the forefront. I had sent him links to works from our artists and after Greg evaluated the work, ultimately he wanted something that was graffiti based. Enter ViK. We took on a creative consulting session to determine what Greg wanted and after 3 hand drawn concepts, one was selected and executed and ViK had officially been booked and commissioned to bless the Lowekey Media offices by immortalizing their new space. It took ViK 2 full days of indoor spray painting to give the new Lowekey offices  a facelift.

What really connected with me in working with Lowekey is that they share the same like-minded energy and spirit in work ethics. Both of our brands is in tuned with the happenings that pivot around street culture and I must say that is probably what made the bond with this new client so effortless. For those of you aspiring artists that is wanting to be discovered, make sure to download the SongBooth app and show the world what you can do. Make sure to stay tuned to the upcoming campaign for SongBooth, a 4 part campaign with established artists that will offer a chance for winners to go on tour with the first part being with Ryan Leslie!


Lowekey Media_2


Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset


Client: Lowekey Media
Services Rendered: Artist Booking, Animation, Creative Direction, Visual Effects, Voiceover, Music Licensing, Mixing + Mastering
Project Manager: AK
Vocalist: Rich Trapp
Sound Engineer & Music Composer: David Rojas
Art Director & Visual Effects Supervisor: Michael Mcintosh
Creative Director: AK

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