The Amazing Dub FX

It was only a little over a year ago that I had the opportunity to produce a video and write an article about Dub FX and since then, his career has flourished with reaches across the world. Born and bred in Australia, Dub FX eventually ventured off to Europe to pursue his passion for music and for the next 5 years, he lived out of his van while hitting the streets with live performances and now, he is globe-trotting the planet with high demands of his music and performance to music heads everywhere. It was no surprise to me that Dub FX would become nothing more than a success, his raw talents and relentless pursuit only makes it apparent that his future is looking bright. I have never heard such amazing and original music which is what inspired me to do a video about him and the universe has led us down a path to collaborate again – but on a much different scale. Nearly 500K fans on Facebook, 13K followers on Twitter and not to mention the countless videos on YouTube with views into the MILLIONS; I felt an absence in that New York still has no great awareness for Dub FX even with his impressive metrics online. When Dub FX came through New York last month, we had the chance to spend some time and talk shop while I showed him around the city and I definitely felt compelled to change this. In a city filled with such great energy and creative intellectual minds, it only feels right that New York City should be introduced to this amazing musician and share what I feel by listening to his music. With the dope people over at Convoy Unlimited led by the talented CAde, SGS is excited to be collaborating on a very special project. In the meantime, get familiar with Dub FX with the video we produced as well as some of my other personal favorites. Stay tuned!

Posted by @jeegunkim