The Story Behind the Story of Blue Chips

Action Bronson, check. Party Supplies, check. Yup, check out the back story to the whole project of Blue Chips. YouTube excerpts were written by yours truly. And shout out to Reebok for putting such a dope project together!

Party Supplies – Part 1 of 2

It’s always dope when a collaborative project naturally comes to life. The release of Blue Chips with Action Bronson and Party Supplies has been on a wave within the Twitter-sphere and online blogs. “Blue Chips” was a very organic project for us to be involved in as we are embracing the cultures of art and music through talented personalities such as Action Bronson and Party Supplies.

As we began the process with the two artists on this project, we first linked up with Party Supplies as he gave us a tour of his neighborhood in trendy Williamsburg, taking us to all of his spots that he frequents and showing us some of the things that inspire him from his neighborhood. Walking around Williamsburg with Party Supplies really showed us the importance of being in-tune with the environment around you, especially for an artist. Party Supplies gives us his own interpretation of what it takes to make a classic record and some of the challenges that musicians face in the industry.

In this 2-part video with Party Supplies, he also touches on the subject of creative process and how his own process can differ from others, such as Action Bronson. But this project is really a testament to show that any two creative minds can come together when they’re truly inspired and create something so ill that people can’t help but to talk about it. Be sure to stay tuned for the second part of this series to see the actual process of Party Supplies creating beats for Bronson to lay his raps over – don’t sleep!


Party Supplies – Part 2 of 2

Opening with the beats from “Tapas” off of “Blue Chips”, Party Supplies invites our team into his creative domain as he gives us teasers of the beats he was producing for Action Bronson. Watching Party Supplies doing his thing in his environment was truly amazing as his passion for creating music is undoubtedly inspirational.

As we dug deeper into the mind of Party Supplies, we learned what it takes for artists to really catapult themselves to be seen and heard as a musician. Party Supplies shares with us his love for “eclectic pop music” and what he experiences on an emotional level when performing in front of a live audience and it doesn’t surprise us as to why he does what he does.

We experienced first-hand as to what it was like for Party Supplies to grace his talent for a crowd as we captured him performing at the Fool’s Gold Anniversary party at the Soho Grand. You can feel his excitement and emotions through his self-expressed music for all the shakers and movers on the dance floor, and let me tell you, people were going bananas! Through his own experiences as an up-and-coming musician, Party Supplies shares valuable advice to anyone pursuing anything on a creative level. Next up, Dr. Lecter himself, Action Bronson!


Action Bronson

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you would’ve heard about Bam Bam Bronson from Flushing, Queens. Reebok has always been about the culture of hip-hop and it was truly a pleasure to work with Action on “Blue Chips”.

Anyone that knows Action or is a fan of his work knows his passion for food. With all the culinary references in his raps, it almost seems like Action should have taken the road to the culinary arts, and in this video, we find out that he is always a chef before he is a rapper. We took a trip through the city of Flushing with Action as he navigated us to the Flushing Queens Mall. When we sat down to have a meal with him in a Korean restaurant, he knew all the little details of how that specific cuisine is properly eaten — now that’s knowledge.

When we shifted gears into the topic of “Blue Chips”, Action tells us how he got connected to Party Supplies through his manager and he immediately acknowledged the “genius” talents of Party Supplies. The undeniable chemistry between Action and Party Supplies eventually culminated into the birth of “Blue Chips.” Be sure to download the album here: It’s FREE and sure to be a classic.

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