Catching Up with Ian Kuali’i

Yesterday I took a trek into Jersey City to catch up with our artist Ian Kuali’i and to document his recent works. 2014 is looking great for our boy Ian with what is probably one of his biggest career highlights as an artist, a group exhibition with the De Young Museum of San Francisco titled “Paper and Blade: Storytelling Under the Knife.” Ian’s creative vision to produce his interpretation of urban decay has always fascinated me and if history has taught me anything its that sometimes it’s best to destroy in order to create which is Ian’s whole philosophy when it comes to his art. What was first introduced to me as just hand-cut intricate paperwork art has evolved into full blown mixed media art pieces with Ian’s own unique process of creating color palettes and textures.

As my eyes were aimlessly roaming around Ian’s studio, it was clear to me that Ian has progressed in ways I never could’ve thought since I first met him. His own colorful personality really comes into surface through the aesthetics of his art, though anyone who is a lover of art can at the very least appreciate his work even if they do not know him. As of late, Ian’s work has been getting a lot of love which has kept him busy this winter with back-to-back commissions and local mural projects. His studio speaks for itself with the amount of art he has been producing. In preparation for the exhibition this Spring, Ian will be temporarily residing in my hometown of San Francisco where he will be producing his works for the De Young Museum exhibit. At the end of this past summer, Ian blessed me with a commission of his latest works, beautifully custom framed with a proof of authenticity. Needless to say I was super impressed by the quality with the finished product. Some of Ian’s work can also be purchased through his website with a small offering of his latest work as well as his older works. If you are a San Francisco resident or traveling to the area in the Spring, make sure to visit the De Young Museum to check out this amazing exhibition and support our artist!

Photography by AK
Posted by @jeegunkim