Strada Customs

The Fixie culture has been emerging for the past few years and the birth of this small culture has created opportunities for guys like Cory Ng and Tommy Leong. I love to see young entrepreneurs become successful not just with their business, but with their craft and the passion they have for it. It was less than a year ago that Cory and Tommy opened up shop, nestling right in New York City’s Chinatown, calling it, “Strada Customs.” A destination for those that are bitten by the Fixie bug, Strada offers complete customized Fixie’s to fit any persona and hand builds all of their orders. Bringing in new color pallets every season, putting in an order for a Fixie from Strada is like shopping in a candy store with all the different choices and options that they have. Both Cory and Tommy understand the momentum in our generation and focused just as much attention to their website as they did with their product. Anyone from anywhere in the world with an internet connection can order their very own Fixie from Strada shipped right to their door. The video will show you from start to finish, what these guys have to go through with every order that comes through on their site.

Cinematography & Editing by @Cavnyc

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