Yotel x Strada Customs “Year of the Snake” 2013 Bike Collaboration

When Yotel approached us earlier in the year about having us curate a second collaboration with Strada Customs, we were more than ecstatic to make it come to life. There were many different inspirations that were conceptualized but in the end, we felt as though building a theme around the Lunar Calendar “Year of the Snake” felt right and organic in where both Yotel and Strada Customs stands as a brand. It’s always amazing when we work with clients that trust our vision and let us create with freedom and that is what spawned the design of the new bikes with complete and customized saddles with real snakeskin fabric. Utilizing 2 of Strada’s new colorways, we incorporated Navy Blue and Matte Gray as the main framework of the designs and the new chrome finish rims was the icing on the cake. These bikes are now offered as an amenity for hotel guests to rent.


What would a collab like this be without a celebration? On a very ugly and stormy night of the 23rd of May, the team I were really worried about the turnout of the event woul dactually make things uneventful. Needless to say, plenty of people showed up, especially those of friends and families of SGS and Strada Customs. Thanks to the homies UR NEW YORK, Gilf, Rekstizzy, Fresh Goods Co and the Mosaic New York Crew for coming out to support! We also have to thank Yotel for such amazing hospitality for the night. They gave us our very own private room and served us dinner and drinks!

Client: Yotel + Strada Csutoms
Services Rendered: Special Projects (Digital Marketing, Experiential Marketing, Branding, Design, Curating, Photograhpy)
Project Manager: AK
Art Director: Victor Roman
Content Producers: Joe Cavallini & Wilfredo Suarez
Creative Director: AK