Yotel x Strada Customs

In today’s world of cross branding initiatives, the ones that actually seem to do well are the ones that look and feel organic because developing something that is amazing between 2 brands has to have a natural beginning. Both Yotel and Strada Customs are clients under the SGS roster and coincidentally enough, both are brands that are very young and are of similar age. Everything seemed to have made sense for these 2 great brands to come together to create something that both brands could highly benefit from. The entire initiative was a full 360-degree program covering co-branded products, release event and experiential event with design, branding and content creation. Under our care, we worked closely with Strada to build a fleet of 8 co-branded bikes for Yotel to offer to their hotel guests as a free amenity. To maintain and ensure the aesthetics of Yotel as a brand, Strada did a phenomenal job on creating the bikes to fit our criteria. We wanted to go beyond then just adding a Yotel logo to the bikes and with my background from the automotive industry, I knew there was something special that can be done to the seats to further enhance the customization of the bikes to fit the premium amenities of Yotel. Cory of Strada Customs and I went out on a hunt in search to find the perfect suede fabric to reupholster the seats with, once we found the magic, Strada did what they do best – customization. They took the fabric and reupholstered each seat with quilted hand stitching’s to give the seat a premium texture. After 2 of the first bikes were completed, SGS took them to Yotel as well as our photo studio to get the right visuals of the bikes to use as material for the campaign and these were some of the results.

Press coverage was a collective effort between Yotel, Strada and SGS. Many bloggers and friends helped out by posting about the whole collab project but what really made everyone happy was the feature that Complex Magazine had posted about the whole partnership on their site and that really helped catapult the whole initiative to have people talking about the collaboration project.

May 23rd, 2012 marked the official release of the bikes and to commemorate the milestone, we held an event at Yotel where we celebrated through the night. It was great to see all the people from downtown come up to midtown to celebrate with us and DJ Dooga did a fantastic job of being the life of the party and supplying great tunes and mixes for the festivities. When it came to the flyer to promote the event, we wanted to go with something non-traditional from what Yotel was doing yet keeping all the brand elements of Yotel and Strada. Our Art Director, Victor Roman, did an amazing job on designing this flyer based on the creative direction that was set for this whole project.

“Warm Nights & Sunny Days” was a ride along event that was hosted by Strada Customs to really solidify and end the whole project. SGS wanted to do something hands-on and experiential where the Yotel x Strada bikes would see some action. A group of riders met at Yotel where Strada led the pack down the Westside Highway for a ride along. And of course, Victor designed another great flyer for the ride along, really capturing the essence of Summer along with great font selections with the layout.

All-in-all, this is a project we are very proud of. Integrating 2 brands of different worlds and one of a corporate level and one of a small start-up, is a task that can be challenging but this whole partnership came together organically and both brands highly benefited by working together on such a great initiative. Be sure to check out the full recap video!

Client: Yotel + Strada Customs
Services Rendered: Special Projects (Digital Marketing, Experiential Marketing, Branding, Content Creation, Consulting)
Art Director: Victor Roman
Music Composer: David Rojas
Content Producer: Joe Cavallini
Project Manager & Creative Director: AK